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Who we are

A 100% social enterprise, owned by the local community.


Grinneabhat is run by Urras Coimhearsnachd Bhràdhagair agus Àrnoil (UCBA), the Bragar and Arnol Community Trust, a small charity with big ambitions.  We own a beautiful, extensively renovated, building, in a superb and picturesque roadside location, which we have renamed Grinneabhat (Gring-iv-at) after the loch which lies just to the south. 


UCBA has a remit from the community to provide recreational, health and wellbeing, cultural and artistic activities, as well as providing employment.  Our vision is to provide a real taigh cèilidh meeting house in Grinneabhat, for ourselves and for the outside world - to share naidheachdan with us, and to explore our culture and environment.  


The villages of Bragar and Arnol, like much of the Hebrides, have long suffered from lack of facilities and depopulation.  UCBA aims to make the villages more attractive for younger people to stay, and to provide employment opportunities.  Our work has strengthened community bonds, and has done a lot to assuage loneliness amongst older people.  


All the income from Grinneabhat’s hostel, café and laundrette goes to UCBA for investing in community facilities and services. 

If you support our purposes and would like to become a member of the trust, please complete a membership form, available hereand return it to Grinneabhat.

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