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Uninhabited Islands

Outer Hebrides

John Dera  – June 22 - 28th 2023

Photo from sandy beach, facing the sea and cliffside
Photo from sandy beach, overlooking neighbouring closeby island
Photo from shallow water of beach, infront of big rocky cliffside

“They say that when God rested on the seventh day he saw that he had a handful of jewels remaining rather than break the Sabbath day he opened a window in heaven and threw the jewels down to the sea.”


I am reasonably confident in fact very confident I know precisely where those jewels are located . Like all jewels they are not so easy to find and recover and it will require considerable time and numerous visits if you are going to be successful in your attempts . A knowledge of the sea is without question  a prerequisite combined with a calm fearless disposition . Your experience if successful  will be greatly influenced by the time of year, weather and tides. Only …. and only then will you ever come close to be able to reflect and understand  the meaning of those words…

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